McCabe Valuations
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McCabe Valuation Reports

Chartered Business Valuators provide three types of Valuation Reports in Canada.

Our Reports

Our clients will use McCabe Valuation Reports for:

  • Support negotiations

  • Litigation purposes

  • Tax reasons

  • Retirement and succession planning

  • Acquisitions and sales

Depending on the client’s requirements, we provide business valuation service and reports at 3 different levels of assurance and budget requirements. A comprehensive report provides the highest level of assurance and analysis regarding the valuation. This includes obtaining, reviewing, and analyzing all available information and factors that could have a significant effect on the valuation conclusion.

Calculation Reports

  • Clients considering selling their small business requiring assessment of fair market value with minimal market and industry research

  • Clients considering an acquisition with limited financial information available

Estimate Reports

  • Clients requiring a business valuation report for a shareholder buyout. A report would cover financial analysis of the subject company and a moderate level of industry and market research

  • Clients requiring a business valuation report for a Section 85 rollover being submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency. This requires a higher level of assurance than a calculation report.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Client was considering an acquisition where the company is operating in a competitive, complex industry that was consistently changing. Reports would require a high level of industry research and a detailed sales forecast.

  • Clients requiring a business valuation report for a family law case with interests in several operating in unique industries.